What Does Deep Space Smell Like?


What Does Deep Space Smell Like?

What does deep space smell like? It’s time to find out as we dive into Space and answer this question. I’m going to tell you what smells like in zero gravity, how astronauts feel about it, whether there are any major differences between our planet and the moon, how astronauts got there and much more.

Hey! Everything around us has a smell. The Earth smells like fresh air and salty water? And even the moon itself smells a bit dusty. What do astronauts feel about it? Let’s find out together.

Here's how actually deep space smell like:

1. Seared Steak

That's the conclusion reached by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, who have discovered that molecules in deep space come from seared steak. The researchers found that molecules in the galaxy are made up of amino acids, which are present in the food we eat on Earth. Amino acids are used to build proteins and other important molecules.

"It's something we can't explain," said study co-author Bruce Jakosky, a professor of astronomy at UC Berkeley. "We're not saying that there is a planet out there with steaks on it, but this work shows how these things could be formed."

2. Hot Metal

Hot metal is a smell you may associate with space. It's the smell of burning metal, like that of a welding torch or an electric arc. It's not a pleasant smell, but it's not as dire as some other smells in deep space.

The smell of hot metal is caused by gaseous molecules in space reacting with each other and combining with oxygen to form volatile compounds such as carbon dioxide, water, and carbon monoxide. The reaction can happen anywhere in space, but the hotter things get, the faster reactions like this one occur and the more often they create new compounds.

3. Welding Fumes

What does deep space smell like? Like welding fumes.

If you've ever worked with metals, you know how to describe it: "I can see the sparks," and "It smells like burning metal."

The reason is that steel has a particular odor. It's not pleasant, but most of us are used to it by now. The same is true for other metals: aluminum, nickel, and so on.

There are also some more exotic odors that come from working with rare earth metals and other materials that aren't quite so common: rubidium and cesium.

4. Raspberries

Deep space smell like raspberries and strawberries. These two fruits have a sweet, luscious taste and smell that is very appealing to most people. Raspberries are one of the most common fruits found in space, but strawberries are also present there.

The reason for this is that these plants have been known to adapt very well to new environments. In fact, they can survive for long periods of time out in space without any food or water at all! This makes them perfect for astronauts who need some fresh air or food when they are away from Earth.

5. An Electrical Fire

Deep space smells like an electrical fire.

This is the smell of burnt electronics and metal. It’s a very specific smell, one that most people are familiar with and one that can be used to identify objects in space. The chemical reaction between electronics and air produces this distinctive odor when something breaks down in a vacuum.

Electrical fires are common in space, but they're not just caused by malfunctions on spacecraft — they can also occur when astronauts use their computers or laptops on Earth. The same thing happens when a cell phone battery overheats or gets wet, causing it to explode or catch fire.

6. A Burning Forest

Deep Space smells like a burning forest. The air is filled with the smell of smoke and burning wood, but there's also something else in the air. It's hard to explain, but it feels like there's a dark energy all around you.

It's not just the smoke that makes Deep Space so smelly though. There are also some other things going on that give Deep Space its unique smell. One of these things is hydrogen sulfide gas that comes from volcanoes on Io and Enceladus (both moons of Jupiter), but also sulfur dioxide gas which comes from volcanic activity on Earth.

7. The Ocean Near a Sewage Outlet

What does deep space smell like? The answer is not a pleasant one. The smell of deep space is in fact very similar to that of the ocean near a sewage outlet.

Deep space is a very large area of the universe and contains many different types of matter and energy. The gases, dust and other particles that make up deep space can be spread out over many light years in space. These gases reflect light from nearby stars back towards our telescopes, making them visible to us on Earth.

The scent we perceive when we think of deep space comes from these gases — specifically hydrogen sulfide (H2S), which smells like rotten eggs. Hydrogen sulfide comes from the breakdown of organic compounds by radiation and cosmic rays at very high temperatures and pressures in deep space.

This sulfur-based molecule is what makes up our own breath!


It's exciting to imagine that one day, we'll be able to make journeys through space. And when we do, it will be important to take into account every single sensation of the journey, not just sight or sound. It's a known fact that humans can both feel changes in gravity and can experience smells.


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