What DO Space Tourists Actually Do?

What DO Space Tourists Actually Do?


Space tourists spend their time in zero gravity and microgravity environments. Most commonly, this involves freefall and weightlessness on Earth's surface in the International Space Station (ISS). There is a huge queue of people interested in going into space, but as well as wanting to see the universe up close, there are also many other reasons why you may want to go into space – whether it be personal experience or professional interests. Some people want to experience weightlessness while others are more keen on exploring caves and ice caves or observing faraway ships. I will explain what really happens during your experience in space.

What DO Space Tourists Actually Do?

1. They take a lot of pictures

The people who take pictures of space are called space tourists.

Space tourism is big news these days, but what exactly do these tourists do? It's simple: They pay money to go into space, and then they take pictures.

Some people are just looking for a few minutes of weightlessness or a chance to look out the window of a spacecraft streaking past Earth's clouds. Others want to see something bigger: a launch or an orbiter.

Orbital Sciences Corp., which has been selling seats on its flights since 2000, charges about $35 million per person for a fly-around visit to the International Space Station (ISS). SpaceX, founded by PayPal cofounder Elon Musk, charges $250 million per person for an orbital flight that lasts about two hours and includes two astronauts riding in the same capsule as the paying passenger.

2. They adjust to microgravity

The most common purpose of space tourism is to get a feel for microgravity — but it can be anything from an experiment in weightlessness to an opportunity to study some aspect of human physiology.

The key thing to remember is that astronauts don't spend their time floating around the International Space Station, or even on board the Soyuz capsule. They spend most of their time working and living in a very small space together — the orbital module, where they work, sleep and eat. The rest of the ship is dedicated to supporting that life.

3. They learn to go to the bathroom while floating

Space tourists have to be prepared for a lot of things. They will most likely have to go to the bathroom while in space, but they also will have to eat and drink while floating through the atmosphere.

The first thing that people need to know is that there are no showers on the International Space Station (ISS). This means that you will have to use a urine bag or water bottle in order to pee or poo.

Also, you cannot use handheld devices while floating around in space because they will become unusable very quickly due to the lack of gravity.

4. They eat food and drink water carefully

Space tourists will be able to eat and drink food and water carefully during their stay in space. As they will be weightless, gravity has no effect on their bodies.

The lack of gravity means that they can also get a massage without any physical contact between them and the masseuse.

5. They exercise

When you think of astronauts, you probably don't think about exercise. But for the past few years, astronauts have been exercising in space. Astronauts aboard the International Space Station have been doing a lot more than just hanging out in their tiny little room.

In fact, they're using treadmills and resistance bands to get a workout while they're floating around up there. They also use exercise balls and do yoga in zero gravity. It's all part of what NASA calls "cadence training."

NASA says that cadence training is part of a larger fitness program that includes strength training and cardiovascular fitness. And it's proven to be very effective at helping astronauts stay healthy during long stays in space — which is why NASA has chosen to use it on its future missions too.

5. Watch the Sunrise 15 Times a Day

The first thing that space tourists will do is watch the sunrise. Theoretically, they could watch it 15 times a day; however, they're more likely to stick to watching it once a day.

Some of these people say that watching the sunrise is one of their favorite things to do. They say that seeing the earth from space makes them feel connected with the earth and its beauty. They also say that it's easy for them to fall asleep because of this beautiful view.

6.Check out Space Lasers

Space Lasers are a type of laser that can be used for various purposes in space. They are used to scan objects, measure distances and make measurements. They also help in building satellites and other equipment.


Spacemen can experience every stage of the mission, including pre-launch quarantine, spacecraft assembly and life on board, launch into Earth orbit, and landing. What they do on each mission will be different due to the mission requirements and the astronauts' training.


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